Kyle Purnell LIVE (Penguin LIVE)



“Kyle’s magic is quirky and original with methods that stray off the beaten path in fascinating ways. I’m always excited to see what he will come up with next!” -Caleb Wiles

“Kyle has amazing magic,ingenious methods, killer visuals and funny and fun to be around. I really want to hate him but it’s just so hard!” -Mark Calabrese

“I can’t say enough great things about Kyle Purnell. If you study his performance you will learn about great presentation and perfect tempo. If you study his methods, though, you will learn streamlined, visual magic that looks gimmicked but is not. He has an amazing mind that can combine all these elements together elegantly. If there ever is a zombie apocalypse we can all rest knowing we are safe as they will only be after his brains!” -Ben Williams

“Kyle is a truly gifted magic creator and and performer, his thoughts on magic are extraordinarily creative.” -Nicholas Lawrence

“Kyle’s magic is always fresh, creative and just plain fun. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!” -Luke Dancy

“Kyle Purnell is one of my all-time favorite thinkers! Not only is he a brilliant creator using everyday objects to create strong, memorable magic, he is a wonderful teacher, visual, fun, and engaging!” -Sarah Ella Phant (Sarah Trustman)

What will he teach?

Elimination Experiment- An impossible 2 phase ESP effect with a super satisfying method that leaves you completely clean at the end.

Impenetrable- The 100% impromptu pen through bill that you never knew you’ve been dying to perform!

Slo Mo TNR- One of the most visual torn corner effects…ever. Did we mention that it’s impromptu?

Soft Spreadable Jamwich- The classic two card transpo gets an impromptu make-over…and a kicker.

Tunnel Transpo- The most fun trick to perform of the lecture…It just feels good!

Daley’s Nightmare- The classic effect built into a practical packet trick with an unforgettable ending.

Best of Luck- A card is remembered. A number is thought of. Before anything is named out loud, the magi sticks a joker into the deck under the thought of number of cards, and right beside selected card!

Miss Terry Card- Kyle’s most direct and practical approach to Mystery Card ever… Get ready to bust those knuckles.

Cash Grab- Grab a deck, borrow a dollar, and leave your spectator with an absolutely unusual and impossible souvenir!

Who is he?

Kyle Purnell has been performing the art of magic for the last decade and a half. He lives to be a unique force in the magic community, creating practical methods and engaging effects with the close up worker in mind, with some of his current creations gaining notoriety from some of the most well respected names in magic.

This lecture is all about the concept of method. What do you prioritize as a method? What are you willing to sacrifice to make the magic happen? Is there a such thing as a perfect method?

Kyle will delve deep into these questions by teaching his underground routines, methods, and discoveries that he uses at paid gigs, residencies, and to floor magicians at conventions. It’s by no coincidence that every single one of these routines is completely gimmick free!