Juan Hundred Switch Evolution by Juan Pablo Ibañez



Introducing an updated version of the classic Juan Pablo effect the “Juan Hundred Switch”.

With Juan Hundred Switch Evolution, you can now change both the value AND size of the bill.

A normal dollar bill is examined and then displayed at your fingertips. Both hands are also shown to be empty. Then, without covering or folding the bill, you visually transform it into a $100 dollar bill. Everything is done in full view of the audience. You can even show both sides of the bill and hand it out for immediate examination.

This is a true worker for any close-up magician. Since you can also use different size and color bills, the Juan Hundred Switch Evolution is perfect for Pounds, Euros etc.

  • Uses a normal bill that can even be borrowed
  • The entire face of the bill visibly changes while in full view with absolutely no cover
  • Bill is completely examinable before and after the change

No gimmick needed. Just download and start learning today!