Jermay ‘Live’ Masterclass Video Download



Note: This is a different Masterclass offered by Luke Jermay. Not related to Luke Jermay’s Vanishing Inc Masterclass.

This, the very first video download we have offered, is a beast at 2 hours and 44 minutes of indepth teaching!  It offers an amazing value to any mentalist, mystery entertainer or magician.  Presented in the style of an intimate masterclass, featuring the concise, insightful, in-depth instruction that you have come to expect from Jermay.

Part One of the live masterclass is dedicated to in-depth teaching on Jermay’s approach to ‘preshow’ work in which he details his full method, including his own word for word scripts and shares some things he has never tipped before!  Using video footage from real world live performances in theatres to illustrate his techniques the ‘Jermay Approach’ is made crystal clear! Jermay refers to this as an approach as being “borne from 1000 mistakes” and in this masterclass you do not just get to see the method in action what it working perfectly, you also get to see real world examples of problems in performance and how to overcome them.  Jermay’s hope is that by sharing the lessons he has learned along the way, you will not have to make any mistakes or face any problems in utilising what might be the single most powerful weapon in the mentalists arsenal.

Part Two of the live masterclass is dedicated to some of Jermay’s performance theory and philosophy that will help you find your own unique style and inspire you to rethinking your work using simple but powerful techniques.  His goal is to arm you with simple and easy ways to think about your own work with a fresh perspective.  This is not the typical vauge theory you might have encountered elsewhere.  These are direct and easy to apply techniques to impact your work presented simply and concisely.

Part Three is dedicated to answering questions from the live viewers of the masterclass, on all things mentalism, ranging from the best books to study to cold reading techniques and much much more. In his answers to these questions, Jermay reveals many secrets, techniques and tips!  Originally we planned to remove this part of the live masterclass from the download, however, it features so many potentially useful pieces of information, methods, techniques and thoughts that it had to stay!

The video duration is 2 hours and 44 minutes, shot in high quality video and audio to ensure the information is crystal clear and features accompanying “keynote’ instructional visuals to help really explain the concepts. Please note; due to the nature of this product refunds can not be issued.  Please be aware that this is a large file (7.1 GB) and will take some time to download.