Interactive (PRO) by Danny Orleans & Mike O’Donnell



INTERACTIVE is a brand new “point-to-the screen” experience for your audience. Created by Danny Orleans and Mike O’Donnell and used in their zoom and live shows, this prediction routine gets 100% audience participation.

You show a screen filled with a montage of over 50 colorful objects such as magic hats, playing cards or pool balls.  The spectators point to any object. Free choice. They move their finger three times and then all the objects on the screen disappear—except the one they are pointing to! Engaging, customizable and repeatable, INTERACTIVE is easy to perform on Zoom or in-person.


Everything in the BASIC PACKAGE plus all the tools you need to customize INTERACTIVE for yourself or your clients. Customize the objects, add logos, reveal a marketing message, celebration wish or guest of honor’s name.

With the PRO LEVEL package you get:

  • Everything in the BASIC package
  • Four secret templates
  • Explainer videos teaching you how to customize your INTERACTIVE Video using Keynote on iOS or Windows
  • Transparent overlay animations for OBS, Ecamm or other streaming program of your choice.
  • Access to our exclusive secret INTERACTIVE Facebook Group where we will share, learn and discuss.
  • Five additional videos with
    • Alphabet blocks
    • Emojis
    • Light bulbs
    • Coffee mugs
    • Rotary phones
  • PNG files of all the images used in the 10 videos
  • Professional narration mp3 files for each of the 10 videos
  • Access to Facebook Group INTERACTIVE MAGIC PRO where we’ll be releasing additional versions of INTERACTIVE, answering questions, providing tips, sharing ideas and strategies.

Here are 10 ways to use the customization features of INTERACTIVE PRO

  1. Customize the object! Use anything colorful including bottlecaps, poker chips, M&Ms, company logos, cupcakes, donuts, fish, sports balls, socks, holiday ornaments, dice, ice cream cones, fruit, drinks, easter eggs, confetti, animals, jellybeans, Lego blocks, gloves. Endless possibilities!
  2. Customize the reveal! After you reveal the correct prediction, add a customized message with a company tag line and logo, introduction, birthday wish, holiday greeting, or your name.
  3. Use as an up-sell to your client for an event invite or meeting kickoff idea.
  4. Create a customized email campaign for your client’s brand
  5. Social media: Customize with a promotional message
  6. Website: Customize with your logo
  7. Customize for a large screen in a live, in-person show.
  8. Customize for the small screen in a live virtual show.
  9. Surprise someone special with a personalized greeting
  10. Present in your client’s trade show booth

INTERACTIVE PRO provides tools you need to interact with virtual and in-person audiences on a whole new level! Get interactive with INTERACTIVE PRO.