INCRYPTO by Hiam Goldberg



Incrypto by Hiam Goldberg

If Cryptext changed the way we write predictions, Incrypto will change the way we see them!

Over 10 years ago I invented Cryptext . At the time, when I first published it I got some harsh reviews from the magic community. Most people didn’t understand its enormous potential.

With time, following leading mentalists and magicians all over world realized Cryptext’s impact and importance. It is warmly embraced and is considered a revolutionary tool in mentalism.

Last week I launched a new font, totally different from Cryptext, the next evolution of predictions – Incrypto. To learn more about both fonts click here.

From the creative mind that brought to you “Cryptext – the essential Mentalist working tool of every professional mentalist around the world”, comes a new and revolutionary font !


Incrypto is the first and only font that enables you to create an “invisible” prediction. Think invisible ink, think optical illusion, think Incrypto.

With Incrypto the mentalist can have the prediction visible to the audience. And, Without them realizing they are looking at a prediction. When the time is right (and with a simple instruction to the audience) the prediction reveals itself. And, Visually and unexpectedly (yet very clearly) doubling the impact of the revelation.

You’ll get an English and Numeric font together with a detailed explanation on how to use and see the secret font, including how to reveal it to your audience.

In addition, you’ll receive exclusive excess to a private Facebook group that will discuss, teach and creates different ways and routines for this mind-blowing new tool.

The Font revolution the world of mentalism begins NOW.