ICON by Paul Vigil


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A three phase coin mentalism routine which begins with a prediction concerning some pocket change and a spectator’s future actions; this is then shown to be correct.

Next an isolated coin, chosen by the spectator’s game of chance, is seen to warp – without cover – at the tips of the performer’s fingers in front of her very eyes.

Lastly, another assisting spectator attempts to touch the coin, but he is unable to- affirming the truth of its agitated energy state.

“Paul Vigil’s ICON is based on an effect I have used for years, but his ideas and additions have turned it into a truly masterful mental routine.”

– Johnny Thompson

“A multi-phase routine that not only builds upon itself, but simultaneously closes all the doors to a possible methodology while effectively sealing many of the gaping holes normally left behind in the psychology and motivation for such an effect. From the initial staging and motivation of the routine to the final revelation of the bent coin; this piece is a real work-horse and one that I will be using.

– Jerome Finley

“The thinking that Paul Vigil puts into his magic is second to none.

I never saw the bend coming and now neither will my audience!”

– Morgan Strebler