Heavy by Luke Jermay – Utterly Convincing Demonstrations Of Supernatural Powers


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Heavy is the first in the “Pro-Line” series of releases. It is a collection of 3 professional performance pieces as well as a utilitarian theatrical framing to performing in close up settings that transforms the experinece into a miracle for your audience and a special bonus item!

The manuscript focuses on demonstrations that produce an utterly convincing experience of a bold supernatural claims. This is material that could be used to create a following of true believers. In the wrong hands it could be the beginning of a psychic cult. This is material is artistically and ethically challenging in its themes and premises but paradoxically simple and straight forward in mechanism and execution.

When we say heavy we mean heavy…Heavy like having a spectator actually feel the exact location of a negative thought inside their own mind and then feel it being literally pulled from the inside to the outside allowing them to move forward free from the painful memory of their past. This is a demonstration that can be presented in platform setting but is best used as a one on one experience for a special participant.

Heavy like presenting an utterly convincing demonstration of healing your audience members emotional and psychical pains and illnesses with nothing but the power of your mind. This is a totally prop free platform demonstration in which three people are instantly cured of pain and illness in a staggeringly direct fashion. It uses no pre-show work, no stooging of any kind and requires only three chairs and your voice.

Heavy like demonstrating your supernatural power to cause your body temperature to rise to a staggering high, proven with a miraculous and straightforward test of your power. This is suitable for close up performance as well as platform performance and is a visual and psychological powerhouse.

Also included is ‘Miracles On Demand’ is a very specific theatrical framing for performing demonstrations of mentalism and psychic entertainment in casual settings that transforms the entire experience into something bigger that will leave people talking about what happened for many months to come.  This has been the only manner Jermay presents performances and demonstrations in casual and close up settings for several years and is sure to produce remarkable results in your own work.

The bonus item ‘Lighter Than Air’ is a remarkably simple but highly effective tool for those who present Tarot readings which will allow you to overcome the problems faced when negative cards are drawn by a participant.  This isn’t simply reframing the cards in a  positive manner, this is a charming, surprising and transformational moment that will produce staggering break thru when utilised properly in the context of a reading.

Each item is explained in detail along with countless performance tips and theories that can be applied to other material you perform.  Each item includes Jermay’s professional word for word performance script and all performance rights in every setting are granted with purchase, with no restriction.

This manuscript is priced to reflect the nature of the material and to maintain there professional status and value and to protect the high grade secrets, scripts and performance pieces included.

We make no moral suggestions or judgements about these explorations of heavy supernaturally charged mentalism and psychic entertainment. Leaving such ethical concerns to the reader who will be trusted to use these experiences only for good.

Heavy is a professionally edited and typeset 69 page (14,671 words) instant download PDF file.