Goldston’s Magical Quarterly (1934 – 1940) by Will Goldston



Conjuring Art’s new scan of this seminal publication of the complete Goldston’s Magical Quarterly

Will Goldston, (1878–1948), was one of England’s most popular conjurors and prolific authors of books on magic.

In 1934, Goldston started the production of a quarterly journal devoted to the magic of the highest class. Goldston was good friends with many of the most famous and innovative people in magic and gave them an outlet, through his books and magazine, to publish original routines, techniques, secrets, presentations, and essays. Goldston’s Magical Quarterly also chronicles the magic world during the years that it ran, discussing and reviewing different tours, performers, and events. This magazine is filled with effects, columns, editorials, reviews.

Goldston’s Magical Quarterly ran from 1934 to 1940 and would not have ceased publication were it not for the second World War.

Enjoy exploring the 1930s magic scene with Will Goldston as your guide in Conjuring Art’s new scan of this seminal publication.