Gold: When it has to be Performance Gold by Various Authors



Introduction by Chandler
“Hey Rube!”
Act One: Make it Count! by Richard Osterlind
Act Two: The Stones of Destiny by Luca Volpe
Act Three: Celebrimental by Jheff
Act Four: Half Track by Christopher Taylor
Act Five: Assemblage by Lary Kuehn
Act Six: By the Numbers by David Thiel
Act Seven: The Pendulum Knows by Richard Webster
Act Eight: Leipzig Knockout (LKO) by Neil Tobin
Act Nine: Trans-Premonition by Bruce Bernstein
Act Ten: Disposable Color Plus by Ted Karmilovich
Act Eleven: Now You See It, Now You Don’t by Robert Siepielski
Act Twelve: by Millard Longman
Close-Up Mentalism for a Disease Ridden World
Sugar Packet Readings
Act Thirteen: by Neal Scryer
December Sixth
Aura Cleansing
Act Fourteen: Colin McLeod
The Final Act
1st edition 2020, PDF 70 pages.
word count: 25395 which is equivalent to 101 standard pages of text