Fortune (Bill Production) by Inaki Zabaletta



Brace yourself to be fooled. Argentina’s Inaki has d’evised a gaffless, invisible way to multiply banknotes–from one to more than a dozen. When you watch the trailer, you’re seeing an uncut performance and EXACTLY what you would see in real life. Above all, this trick is PRACTICAL: you can do it anytime, anywhere, without any fuss. What’s more, this is PERFECT for virtual performances or video clips, as well as in person. You’ll see that your sleeves can be rolled back when you perform it, and you can show your hands unmistakably empty. There really IS just one, normal, crisp bill in your hands. As you squeeze, you cause the bill to multiply ten-fold.

Perhaps the greatest feature of “Fortune” is that it’s not at all difficult to do. Once you know the secret, you’ll be able to practice one simple task to make your own money appear to multiply. It’s rare to find such a clever, practical new idea without playing cards, and one with banknotes is particularly refreshing. This is an ideal interlude to your next show. We hope you enjoy “Fortune.”

Running time: 4 minutes 49 seconds