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This is an exclusive download, produced by the 13 Souls, that has never been shared before. This download is only available for a limited time!

After a lot of persuasion 13 Souls have been fortunate enough to capture this masterclass on video!

During Blackpool Magic Convention 2019 ‘The 13 Souls heard rumors of a private (invite only) metal bending workshop where participants had flown in from around the world to attend. Whilst metal bending had never been of particular interest to the 13 Souls, some of the feedback and responses from people who had attended the workshop made the team intrigued as the ‘guy’ putting on the workshop was being hailed as ‘The Messiah’. One previous member of our team was invited to the workshop and it completely changed his opinion on metal bending.

The depth and wealth of knowledge this mystery guy had were extensive. His performance techniques, simplicity in his bends and the workflow in performance had the team so mesmerized they wanted more! His demeanor and teaching style also made it easy to absorb and retain the information.

The 13 Souls have spent a long time trying to get this artist to let us capture this on video. He refused outright… 3 times!!! … until we all finally agreed on how to get this project captured.

In this masterclass you will learn from a man shrouded in mystery; all of his techniques, performance subtleties, psychology, and philosophies, that he has mastered over his countless years as a professional entertainer. You will learn how to bend metal in situations where you can be completely surrounded and still be able to perform miracles.

This Artist has requested to remain nameless, anonymous.. a man covered in pixels… basically he wants to keep his life private.

If you want to find out the identity of this Artist .. well …. you will have to buy the project to find out!

This Artist even has accolades from the legends, Uri Geller and Morgan Strebler.


“This is Better than Liquid Metal” – Morgan Strebler