Forgotten Princess by Alexander Marsh(Gimmick not Included)


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Forgotten Princess by Alexander Marsh

“This is a great update on a classic, that is going straight in my close up mentalism repertoire. The extra-hypnotic touch from Alex, makes of this effect a new experience that the the audience will never forget” – Luca Volpe

“Just when you think you have seen it all, Alex comes along and breaths new life into a classic effect that blows all other presentations out of the water!” – Michael Murray

“Forgotten Princess has become one of my favourite packet tricks – it now lives in my wallet at all times allowing me to create a unique and impactful hypnotic effect without relying on real inductions or suggestibility!” – Dee Christopher

“Forgotten Princess takes this classic of magic from being an internet puzzle and transforms it into a real psychological mystery!” – Cody S. Fisher


Using the unique custom gaffs provided (printed by our friends at the USPCC), you will have a mind-melting mentalism trick ready to perform any time, anywhere.

It only uses FIVE cards, so it will fit in your wallet, purse or even in those little pockets they sew onto t-shirts which are completely useless otherwise.

Here’s what happens:

1. Deal 5 cards to the table, and ask your spectator to remember ONE.

2. You set one card aside, and “pluck” the memory of that card from their head. You then prove you’ve done this by showing their card isn’t one of the 4 remaining cards.

3. They don’t believe you, because they assume you just set aside the card they thought of from the hand.

4. But you reveal that that card isn’t the one they thought of either. This is the moment they start to get weirded out!

5. With a tap, you put the missing thought back into their head, as they name the card which is CLEARLY still in the packet.

…And all this is done with no moves, no switches and no extra cards.

This is one KILLER effect that all of us in Penguin HQ have as our new favourite every day carry – The best part is that this effect can even be done over Skype, Facetime or Facebook Live!

The packet of gaffs that you will receive is different to the original princess card trick to cater for this brilliant new update, and Alexander will teach you all the ins and outs of his version to ensure that you’re ready to go out and blow the minds of your audiences right away!

Pick up Forgotten Princess now and get ready to have the power of memory erasure, without the need for a neuralyzer!