FLUXED by Alan Rorrison


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Magicians have always been infatuated with the appearance of controlling time. Whether it is David Copperfield dramatically turning back the hands on an oversized clock to heal his newly severed body, or a hypnotist waving a watch in front of a drowsy participant’s face to hint at time slowing as they go under. It has been a popular plot in magic since the beginning of time itself.

This is what prompted me to make Flux. Flux was a simple to use system that enabled you to predict any named time and it was an absolute work horse for me. It was the first phone/app controlled time prediction on the magic market used by thousands of Professional magicians all over the world. I then started to expand on the idea to make it more natural and not look out of place on any performer’s wrist. I set my self a few restrictions while creating this to make it accessible to most performers which where:

·         No custom magic apps were allowed.

·         It must be accessible to male and female magicians.

·         It must be easy to set up and do.

·         The time input must be quick.

·         It needs to do more than one trick.

·         It needs to take up little to no pocket space

With Fluxed I believe I have met all of these points and more. I didn’t waste money developing a watch that does one trick and sold it at a high premium to you. Instead I have done the research to find the perfect watches that this effect works with made by real watch companies. Where most magicians would buy these in and rebrand them and then again charge you a high premium, I simply tell you the best brand of watches to buy. I have made sure they have a watch that will suit most tastes within their price range and made sure they work.

I then go over in detail on how to perform a time prediction effect with not only an accomplice but I also teach you how to perform this solo and with no additional magic apps in sight.

This manuscript is here to instruct you on the best watch to buy and how to set up this effect for around £100, with a watch that will last you a lifetime. You will need a smart phone but IPhone or Android will both work just fine.

This manuscript is the best way to future proof your time prediction effects. You will set this up and have it on you AT ALL TIMES. It is simply that good!

This is a manuscript in pdf format that is 19 pages long. It tells you the best watch to buy for the effect and goes over every single detail you will need to set this up and be ready to go at any time

What are saying about Fluxed?

Nigel Quinn: “It’s Fluxing awesome!”

Mat Parrott: “If you want hard hitting miracles, that save you hundreds, this is the project for you. Each variation is a powerful piece of magic, utilising every possible option. No stone is left unturned.”

John Shackelford: ”Fluxed is too good! Such a valuable resource that enables you to predict any time called for on REAL watches! Alan covers literally everything you need to know and in the process is saving you hundreds of dollars compared to anything else on the market! This is easily worth 10x what he is charging!”

R Paul Wilson: “A really practical solution that addresses the problems of using technology while offering countless ideas for creative routines.”