Erik Tait LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE)



“A surrealist twist on a classic that updates an already powerful routine for a modern audience. The first time I saw this act was during a two hour gala show, I remember almost nothing of the rest of the show but I can still recall every beat of this. Just buy it already!” -Carissa Hendrix

“Erik Tait does card magic that I love. Why? Because it’s entertaining and he is not afraid to use the right tool for the job.”– Jon Armstrong

“Erik is a beast.”– Brent Braun

“I count on Erik to teach me how to do the hard stuff. You should too.”– Nick Locapo

“I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Erik a few times. If I go on before him, I ALWAYS stick around to see his fantastic show. If I go on after, I sit in the audience and watch, ignoring that fact that I should be preparing for my own set. His magic is top notch, but you know that! Now watch and learn how Erik adds humor that’s sometimes subtle (and brilliant) and sometimes in your face to magic that slays. You’ll be a better performer for it.” – David McCreary

“Erik is a compelling and bizarre performer. He brings tricks you think are close up to the stage and turns classics on their heads. I’m always excited to see Erik’s show.” -Michael Feldman

What will he teach?

The Most Dangerous Thing – A presentation idea for Rune Klan’s sock gag

The Syncing Procedure – A do as I do routine with marked cards where the magician and the audience member find each other’s cards after syncing their minds like blue tooth devices. Next they go even further when the magician turns away from the audience as the spectator removes a group of cards from the deck. The magician then reveals the cards the audience member is holding as though they were looking at the cards with the spectator’s own eyes.

The Strangest Thing – A new presentation for the magnetized cards. The magician is able to make the cards stick to their hands just by holding their breath.

Nick The Duck – An adult presentation for the card duck prop. A card is selected, and returned to the deck that is shuffled by the audience. A wooden duck is introduced, that smokes and can light a fire with it’s mind. A hilarious routine gets the entire audience chanting “Nick The Duck” like they are at a rock concert, before the duck strikes and plucks the selected card out of the deck.

Free Association – A book test that divorces the book from the routine, and allows the performer to flex their improv comedy skills.

Silk To Egg To Fish To Watch – A silk to egg routine that includes a fish and ends with an audience member’s watch being produced from an egg.

Who is he?

Erik Tait has won awards for both standup comedy and magic throughout North America. He graduated with honors from the prestigious Humber College Comedy Writing and Performance program, which means Erik can academically prove why he is hilarious. Beyond that, Erik is the only magician in the world with a degree in funny. He has put academic theory into practice on some of the most prestigious stages in the world, including The Magic Castle, Second City Toronto, and the Hollywood Improv. His client list has some of the most recognizable brands in the country including Honda, Macy’s, and Bark Box.

Erik has also earned raves as an acclaimed burlesque host in both Los Angeles and across the Midwest. In recognition of his talent, Erik won the title “Master of Comedy” at the Burlypicks International Burlesque and Variety Arts Competition. Erik’s quick wit and easy-going demeanor have made him the perfect host of Quiz Box, the popular live game show that plays to packed audiences at Columbus, Ohio’s Shadowbox Live. But Erik has not restricted his creativity to live performances. As both artist and writer, Erik is the creative force behind the beloved web-comic “Beatnik Beat” and has been featured on Sirius/XM radio. His debut standup album, Nerd is the New Black, is available on iTunes.

As host of “The Penguin Magic Podcast” Erik has interviewed some of the top names in magic.

Whether it’s standup, magic, or hosting, you will not want to miss this hilarious, multi-talented performer!