Don’t Forget To Play by Nico Heinrich



I expected to be a bit disappointed, owing to the exceptional quality of the previous releases, but hey, you did it again. One of the best books I’ve read in a long time.” – Phedon Bilek

“My oh my, Places and Planets is a masterpiece. A wonderful mix of propless and props. This is definitely my new favourite from your books.” – Ori Ascher

This is Nico’s third collection of effects and ideas and, as always, there are no gimmicks and little to no preparation required. All you get is pure, skill-based mentalism. Now, besides 13 practical routines, techniques and concepts, this book contains a thought-provoking 20-page essay about play and its relationship with mentalism.

So, whether you are interested in clever methods, novel presentations or new perspectives on mentalism – there is something in here for everyone!


LEGO PIECE is a simple propless mind reading effect based on Lego bricks.

ARTISTIC INTELLIGENCE, in a nutshell, is a thought of word revelation, using the help of Google. This can easily come across as real, depending on how far you take it.

AN IMAGINARY BOOK TEST is a book test without an actual book. They think of a title, a page number and a word on that page. They really have a free choice, however, your prediction matches perfectly.

AN ANSWER QUESTIONED gives you the ability to answer a question before they have even thought of it.

NUMEROLOGIC FORCES is a versatile concept, which enables you to force a single digit, using numerology. There are three variations included and you will be able to come up with your own, once you have grasped the underlying principle.

DOUBLECHECKED is a simple yet powerful Q&A routine for one participant. Basically, it is a genuine reading, garnished with a convincer and an important message at the end.

ANTI-PREDICTIONS will get your creative juices flowing. In this routine, you try to predict things that won’t happen but, against all odds, you fail. This extremely playful concept will bring a new colour to your repertoire.

KNOWING THE TRUTH is a lie detection test and more. The participant is asked to tell two truths and one lie about themselves but instead of just spotting the lie you find out the truth behind it as well.

SIDE SLEEPER RUSE gives you the power to instantly know someone’s preferred sleeping position. You will feel like Sherlock Holmes!

INTUITION MONTE is a novel drawing location and duplication, using three double blank cards. Everything looks ultra fair and they will swear that you never touched their drawing.

PLACES & PLANETS is a highly practical billet routine, which is super easy to do, yet very deceptive. The participant thinks of any place and any planet. Only one of them is written down, yet you reveal both.

AUDIOPHILE is a very bold telepathy routine. They open up a normal book to a thought of page number and imagine the first lines being read by a particular voice. You are then able to reveal both: the words and the voice.

MANTRA is a way to teach someone how to meditate by giving them a personal mantra, which they can actually feel being powerful.

CONSIDER PLAY is an essay about play and its relevance in mentalism.

If you like to play, you should get this book. If you rarely play though, you have to get it.

164 pages, illustrated