Digital Force Bag(Android Version)



DIGITAL FORCE BAG (DFB) A brand new utility app available now.

Together with my good friend Craig Squires (Creator of top selling magic trick – iLogo) we have created an amazingly powerful, yet invisible app which allows you to force any one of 100 items listed in your Notes app.

Force a celebrity, shopping list item, colour, place, product, literally ANYTHING.

This app is fully customisable so you can create bespoke magic for your clients in minutes. You are truly limited only by your imagination.

I used Digital Force Bag very successfully at all of my events throughout December. As well as a great new close-up routine, I was also able to use DFB to quickly create bespoke feature moments in my cabarets for a variety of clients.

As you only need your phone, you will have a killer prediction to perform literally anywhere, anytime.

Check out these key features

● Easy to learn and remember (You’ll be performing it in minutes)

● Fully customisable for your own routines and languages

● Your audience will never suspect you are using a magic app

● Fun for the amateur magician and an absolute essential for the professional

● Result can be quickly and easily changed for a different result every time

● No internet access required to perform

We are delighted to share this with the magic community.