Diamonds: Thrilling Mentalism Routines Designed to ROCK Your Audience!



You raved about “Gold”…
“Diamonds” shines just as bright!
This book is the final edition of the “Gold and Diamonds Mentalism Treasures Project”, a fundraiser with contributions from the mentalism community in aid of one of our own.

Diamonds, is also LOADED with some of the best routines from the sharpest minds on the planet:

What routine did Jheff perform for Mindvention 2021?
What gems of mentalism do Neal Scryer, Luca Volpe, Lior Manor, Marc Salem, Richard Webster, Christopher Taylor, Bruce Bernstein and EvilDan perform for their world-wide audiences?
Who are Dan Tong, Larry White, Joe Curcillo, Jim Chartier, David Thiel and Doug Kevilus and why should you care?
What does Ted Karmilovich floor his audiences with that is unexpectedly funny, visual and amazing, all at the same?
Sit back, fasten your life vest, and prepare for 114 pages of pure brilliance! Material that will go right into your mentalism set.