Designing Magic by Will Tsai



Magic often suffers from “copycat syndrome.” Countless magicians mindlessly perform nearly identical routines to their competitors. In fact, some bookers have started to ask if magicians will be performing that “bowling ball trick” or that “confetti trick.”

Creativity is the key to becoming a true artist. And, what many do not know is that creativity can actually be trained.

SansMinds proudly introduces Designing Magic, a LIMITED EDITION release from Will Tsai. The innovative mind behind Vapr, The Rose Act and other prolific magic tricks, Will is one of the most original creators in magic today.

With Designing Magic, Will seeks to elevate the status of magic as its own unique art form by sharing his personal theories and practical advice for developing creative magic. He also showcases a handful of tricks that are so innovative, many people once believed they were accomplished via tricky video editing!

BOOKLET not included.

If you want to become more than just a magician, then you will want to check out Designing Magic. With Will’s personal guidance, you can turn every single one of your magic dreams into workable material.

Get ready to insert yourself into your magic routines and become a true artist with Designing Magic.