Des Fleurs (Of The Flowers) – Lewis Le Val



Lewis Le Val – Des Fleurs (Of The Flowers)

In this exclusive ebook, you will find two of Le Val’s pet favourite routines, and one incredibly useful tool that he has used for years and not told anyone about! This is Des Fleurs.

The ebook begins with a short but thought provoking essay on how we perceive “method” in mentalism, and how much of a method can we dispose of, whilst still retaining the original, intended effect with all the impact.

Then, you will find “Tarot Des Fleurs”, a routine which uses tarot cards, but can be substituted for playing cards, ESP cards, photographs, business cards, etc. Completely hands off (you never touch anything, EVER) and with ZERO setup or preparation of any kind, Tarot Des Fleurs looks like the work of pure intuition! After your spectator has shuffled the cards and selected one, not only can you provide them with a detailed reading, you can also reveal the exact card they are holding. All wrapped up in a beautiful presentation themed around the classic, “she loves me, she loves me not” flower game. Tarot De Fleurs is extremely easy to do (all you have to do is talk) and it can be instantly repeated.

Next up, “Dealing With Ghosts” uses the same concept as the previous routine, but the effect is completely different! Imagine this; You take a small amount of business cards and write a name on each one. These are the names of dead loved ones provided by audience members. Again, you could have a spectator write these so that you never have to touch anything, ever. Moments later, the mini seance begins and a spirit is silently called forwards by one of the cards being selected. No markings of any kind, you could even be blindfolded during the entire process. Suddenly, you make a connection, and you can reveal the name of the selected spirit! After this you begin to provide a reading based on what you sense about this person! Once again this routine requires absolutely no setup or preparation of any kind. Dealing With Ghosts is followed by a brief word on ethics, and a presentational idea for if you do not wish to use the real names of dead people. This too is extremely easy to perform, and can serve as a stand alone demonstration of spirit contact or clairvoyance.

Finally, you will find Le Val’s “Metaphysical Alphabet”. This is his wonderfully clever take on an established principle (building on the works of Ken De Courcy and Richard Webster). A beautiful reading system and flexible structure that you can begin using right away! It can be used by itself as a reading system, with no scripts to memorise, or it can be used to enhance the routines in this ebook, as well as existing routines in your repertoire! If you like doing readings, you will love this. It can even be used alongside other similar systems that you may already be using.

PDF, 36 pages, instant download.