Deep Magic Seminars Winter 2021 by Ben Earl (Individual)



All four of the Deep Magic Seminars Winter Season 2021. This is an intense 4 week course with over 24 hours of content!

Brilliant Basics 2 – Deep Magic Seminars Winter 2021

A four day course on mastering fundamental card magic technique. This second instalment of Brilliant Basics will focus heavily on controls and switches—while building on the work from Brilliant Basics 1. You will not only learn new sleight of hand techniques but new ways to apply and practice them. The ultimate goal is to inspire you, give you new tools and see the basics in brand new ways.

Natural handling

Elmsley Count

A Casual Display

Ascanio Open display

Adding cards to a packet

Braue Addition.

Vernon Addition

Allerton Switch

Merlin Switch

Kaps Switch

Multiple packet switches

The Side steal

Triple Dribble Control

The Shuffle Pass

Invisible Pass

Multiple Lift Shuffle Control

Grismer Cull

Multiple Shift

Mischief Control

Casual Open Placement

And much more…


The Art of Palming – Deep Magic Seminars Winter 2021

A four day course on mastering the fundamentals of palming. Ben will go into great detail on developing the ability to palm deceptively and practically. Not only will many techniques be covered—from top, bottom, left hand and right hand—but the psychology and practice methods behind palming so that you can palm with confidence. This course is for those who love palming and those who are interested in adding palming into their work… but haven’t yet.

Berg palm,

Erdnase Single Top Palm

Erdnase Multiple Top Palm

Bottom Palm

Diagonal Palm Shift

The Cop,

The Side Steal to full Palm

Right handed Bottom Palm

One-handed Top Palm

One-handed Bottom Palm

Paintbrush Palm,

Riffle Shuffle Palm,

Lowry Palm,

Palm-to-Palm Transfer

Card Muck

Gesture Palms,

Palm Positions,

Natural Body Movement,

Palming psychology

Practice Methods,


And more…


Anywhere Card To Pocket (improv)

Paper Switch

Turbo Palm Transpo

Mr Invisible

Deep Coin Work – Deep Magic Seminars Winter 2021

A four day course on Bens unique approach to coin magic. Not only will many effects and techniques be explored, but the soft handling and psychological secrets which makes Bens coin work so deceptive. This course is not just about moves and effects, but new ways to think about coin magic so that it can become much bigger and simpler at the same time. This is about developing direct and powerful magic… which goes beyond the coins themselves.

A new approach to coin magic

Isolated and non-isolated transfers

Practice methods

Palm positions




Aquitments and Transfers



Three Fly

Primary Movement

Metal Switch,

Pocket Time Machine,

Copper Silver Brass

And more…

Nothing But Effects – Deep Magic Seminars Winter 2021

A four day course packed full of nothing but card effects. Each effect is direct from Ben’s repertoire and will be explained with all relevant technical and psychological detail so that you can adapt and adopt it for real world use. Each seminar will feature three full performances and full explanations:

New Four Card Impossible

Selected Time Travel

Findlay Finish

Red Herring

Face Value


Deep Transposition


Slow Roll

Simplified Ace Cutting

Hand Built By Trees

No Motion Ace Assembly

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Brilliant Basics 2, The Art of Palming, Deep Coin Work, Nothing But Effects