Deck to Shoe by Matt Mello (Instant Download)



Strong enough to appear in Nick Locapo’s Magic Castle Act, Matt Mello’s Deck to Shoe kicks hard and drives audiences wild.

Here’s what happens:

A signed card is lost in the deck, then it vanishes and appears underneath the Magician’s shoe. The audience can pick the card up and it is the actual signed card. The performer offers to repeat the miracle only to have the deck vanish from their hands and reappear inside an ungimmicked shoe. The audience can remove the deck from the shoe themselves if they want. This is a lay person killer.

Deck to Shoe is an incredible trick on its own that gets huge reactions, but it’s also the perfect closer to any ambitious card routine. Taught in detail by Nick Locapo, you’ll learn all the secrets to destroy your audience with this miracle. Best of all there are no arts and crafts or crazy gimmicks to install in your clothes. You’ll be able to start performing this immediately.