Daydreamer by Ken Dyne (eBook)


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Daydreamer is Ken Dyne’s most exclusive release in more than a decade.

An impossible, layered performance piece that builds with each of the 6 phases, climaxing in a surprise twist that comes over the audience like a tidal wave.

Not for the merely curious – Daydreamer is a real-world working routine that has seen more than 1,000 live performances to refine the methods, pace and language to build a special routine and in this exclusive release, Ken Dyne shares with you every moment and nuance of it.

Not just a routine but a masterclass in structuring your mentalism effects for theatrical impact.


The first phase of Daydreamer is a modern, innovative test of someone’s suggestibility. A multi-phase routineĀ  that you can apply to any of your existing demonstrations to give more credibility.

Once you’ve confirmed how suggestible your participant is you proceed with the main Daydreamer effect:

An audience member who you’ve never met before is placed into a seemingly trance-like state (this is optional and instructions for this are included) and asked to imagine a scene.

You now proceed to reveal specific elements of that scene in increasingly interesting, fascinating and surprising ways that play out the ebbs and flows of a great performance.

Throughout the routine you ask the person to confirm that:

  • They are merely imagining their answers.
  • The things they are imagining were not written down.
  • They are thinking of unusual, non obvious or logical answers.
  • You’ve never spoken to them before

Then in true Ken Dyne style, the finale of the routine has a huge twist that creates an explosion of applause and people shouting ‘No way!’.

All of this with:

  • No electronics
  • No logic puzzles
  • No progressive/branching anagrams

The whole routine relies on a simple, classic method which, when combined with Ken’s ingenious presentational premise, turn this into a show-stopping reputation maker.