Day 2 – Tackling Terrifying Taboos 3 Year of The Clown with Jamie Daws and Terry Tyson Instant Download



In 1994, a strange occurrence in Mooresville, Alabama, left police offers dumbfounded and left the residents of this quiet town petrified in what was called, “The Mystery of the Clown Killer”. The case, re-opened in 2004, on the anniversary of the murders – still left stones unturned and doors unopened. 13 people all shot in the exact same way, with no way into the room and no way out of the room. Was he one of the clowns found that day? Is he still on the run? Will he show his face at the seance?

Welcome to year three of ‘Tackling Terrifying Taboos’ – The Year of the Clown. This year, things get scary as we explore ’The seance’. Using some of the techniques used in the previous two courses plus tons of new ideas, we are going to hold a very special live seance like no other. Non of the crew, co-hosts or audience members have been briefed about what is going to happen.

This is a full act you can put together and start doing right away. We discuss building set pieces, dealing with the pre-seance, the dark seance and building in effects. We will talk about making everything flow and using magic to confirm the spirits are really in the room. Finally, we will discuss how some of the effects in the seance can be used as stand alone pieces. Also learn how to make a set of unique spirit slates that can be examined before, the spectators place face to face, can be triggered secretly in the hands of the spectator and can be examined after without the performer needing to take anything away or switch anything. Did I mention, they can be made with things you’ll find in your local pound/dollar store and a few extras that are very inexpensive!

Finally, this year, we are joined by the legend that is Terry Tyson! After a 35 year in the corporate world, Terry has returned to his first love of magic, mentalism and séance performance. His mystery performer effects and essays have appeared in Séance Magazine, The New Invocation, MAGICK, The Big Book and the Bigger Book of Boo, to name a few. For the last several years Terry is a frequent keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, consultant and corporate entertainer. He is known for weaving mind reading and magic into his talks to illustrate cogent message points. Terry is a member of the Psychic Entertainers Association and most recently the British Society of Mystery Performers.

Terry will be sharing his thoughts on Bottle Pendulums, Spirit Bells, Animating Objects, Spirit Messages and Seance Structure as well as chipping in and providing his pearls of dark wisdom throughout the course!

This really is a course you do NOT want to miss!

We will see you at the Seance!