Dani DaOrtiz- Reloaded + PDFs



Hot off the heels of his successful Utopia DVD set, Dani DaOrtiz is back to share another ten hours of his professional card magic. From self-working miracles to psychological mysteries. Dani’s routines are renowned for their entertaining plots and ingenious methods. A true global star of card magic.

Dani DaOrtiz RELOADED is an English language 4  Downloads (with Spanish, French and Japanese subtitles). It was shot in HD at the Estúdio33 in Portugal by Luis de Matos Productions so the quality is absolutely top notch.

The material is completely different to Utopia, which is one of our favorite DVD releases in a long time. Dani’s Spanish style of magic is Tamariz-esque and we absolutely love it.

Disc 1: 100% DaOrtiz (includes live show performance)
L’Homme Masque
Exactly 10 Cards
Memorised Deck
Travelling Thought
Ctd Coincidence
Triple Intuition 2
Her Majesty Solo
Disc 2: Fascinations
Extensive Chapters and Multiple Routines on:
Handling the Double
My Stacked Deck
C10 System
General Card

Disc 3: Psychology
Divided in Four Major Parts:
Fan Force
Magician’s Choice

Disc 4: Semi-automatic
9 stunning self-working card tricks and 7 new favourite routines

“Dani DaOrtiz is everything I love about magic.”
David Blaine
“His magic is virtually impossible”
Howard Hamburg
“Dani is the future of card magic.”
Bill Kalush
“He performs real miracles.”
David Williamson
Total Running Time: Approximately 10 hours.