Curious Impuzzibilities by Jim Steinmeyer



Introducing the unbelievable EIGHTH release in the beloved Impuzzibilities Series from Jim Steinmeyer.

Released in July 2020, Curious Impuzzibilities continues Jim’s mission to push the boundaries of self-working magic.

This book offers 11 amazingly simple, yet powerful, effects including:

Blunt Force
A prediction routine where the spectator seemingly guesses your phone number.

Excessive Force
A variation of the classic Nine Card Problem where the spectator perfectly arranges a packet of cards.

The Poem That Reads Your Mind &The Instructions are What Make it Work
Two mind reading routines with clever methods that allow you to tap into your spectator’s thoughts with almost nothing at all (or, in the case of the poem effect, literally nothing!)

I Forgot of Something
A powerful interactive trick that’s perfect for 1 person or an audience of 1,000 people.

34 Pages