Crazy Man’s Penetrations by Danny Urbanus



Featuring Danny’s all-new, faster & easier hook-up

If you’ve bought Danny’s previous release, the versions you’ll learn here are his all-new, updated and improved handlings. These are new effects, new methods and a far easier hook-up.

For new fans, you only need Crazy Man’s Penetrations… it contains everything.

“This is the closest to real magic I’ve seen with a rubber band. Direct and visual.”
– Patrick Kun (@PatrickKun)


Crazy Man’s Penetrations is hands-down, the best rubber-band effect we’ve seen. Two borrowed objects cleanly pass through one another.

It’s so visual that if you told us it was fake, we’d probably believe you.

A borrowed object can:

  • Go through a band
  • Go through two bands
  • Go through an invisible band (seriously)
  • Go through a single strand of a broken band… and back

There isn’t any configuration of rubber band penetrations that ISN’T covered on this project.

Danny presents 6 routines for real-world performing and 6 effects to floor your fans on social media.

“These effects are too crazy to be true.”
– Hanson Chien (@hansonchien529)


The methods (plural… there’s more than one) behind Crazy Man’s Penetrations are so devious, you can use almost any borrowed objects:

  • Straws
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Bottles
  • Fingers
  • Phones


“These effects look like real magic”
–  Nicholas Lawrence


When you purchase this project you’ll get instant streaming & download access to every fully-formed original creation Danny has on this plot.

For real-world performing you’ll learn:

  • Lazy-er man’s penetration
  • Not as lazy man’s penetration
  • Choosing your penetration (Michał Sterna)
  • Broken Band
  • Vanish all the way
  • No strings attached

For blowing up your social media, you’ll learn:

  • Infinite penetrations
  • Paper hat
  • Invincible band
  • Safety not guaranteed
  • Cmp
  • Floating Straw


Crazy Man’s Penetrations is the definitive rubber-band effect and a must-learn for all magicians.

Get instant access & start learning today.

“The most visual and satisfying penetrations in rubberband magic.”
– Dr Cyril Thomas