Confidential Information about Black Art Materials by NOR (Instant Download)



Ever since I first saw Mr. Shin Lim’s “52 Shades of Red” in 2013, I’ve been hooked on this theme.
I’ve been experimenting with different materials for more than five years, but most of it has gone to waste.
But in 2018, I finally found a better material that could withstand a great deal of brightness and distance.
It’s also different from the Islands series that inspired me to launch it on Penguin Magic. Greatly improved in all respects.
For the following two materials, I’ll introduce specific product names and websites where you can purchase them.

Here are some features about fabric;
・It’s not super black. It’s a random wrinkled material like that used by Mr. Shin Lim.
・It’s crushed velvet that randomly reflects light.
・You don’t have to worry about “direction” like Islands series. There is no problem if the BA card is spinned and thrown.
・It goes through major internet store and is shipped to most countries.
・The price is not that high, but the shipping costs can be very high.

I also tell you about following material;
・It can completely hidden in the fabric I introduce.
・Like the Rose Act, you can operate the gimmick without touching it.
・It’s very sturdy and almost unbreakable with ordinary using.
・Very thin matte black material.

I’ll not explain about tricks, but explain the important points and tools to use in making your gimmicks.
It also describes about the lighting and the angle when you actually using it.

Do you feel “This price is high even though there is only information”?
Searching without information can waste 10 times more money and time like I did in the past.
Recommended for those who are interested in this genre.