Collezione by Giancarlo Scalia



With these routines you learn more than magic. You learn to be a better magician.” – Dani DaOrtiz

“Giancarlo is an amazing magic thinker. Don’t miss his teaching!” – Yann Frisch, FISM Grand Prix Winner

“No Matter how difficult is a technique, in Giancarlo’s hands it looks invisible. A truly gifted magician.” – Miguel Muñoz, FISM Grand Prix Winner

“Giancarlo is fantastic. A rare magician who can bring his magic to life through incredible technique and fascinating storytelling.” – Mahdi Gilbert

“Giancarlo is truly magical. His outer tranquility hides an inner power.”  – Miguel Angel Gea


Giancarlo Scalia is quickly emerging as one of the brightest new stars of close-up magic. Born in Italy but now living in Spain, Giancarlo’s magic combines Italian elegance with Spanish construction to produce effects that are as beautiful as they are impossible.

In Collezione, Giancarlo takes you through six of his favourite original routines, ranging from self working to advanced. In addition, he also teaches some of his staple techniques including a simple false shuffle, a one-handed variation on the Ascanio spread as well as a preparation for the bottom palm. With nearly two hours of content, you are bound to come away from Collezione with some new tricks, techniques and magical inspiration.



Smooth Production – A beautiful, elegant multiple card production with a great kicker ending.

Collectors – Giancarlo’s take on this classic is a true fooler, layering different principles on top of each other to create a seemingly hands-off miracle.

One-Hand Sandwich – A free selection is magically transported between two Kings guarded by the spectator, and even more amazingly, this is all done with just one hand!

Sudden Assembly – After producing the Aces, the magician isolates the leader Ace among three indifferent cards on the card case, losing the remaining Aces back in the pack. In an instant, all the Aces are shown to have joined the leader Ace on the box.

Pickpocket Aces – With an entertaining presentation and a host of clever subtleties, Giancarlo has transformed the simple Biddle Trick into a true performance piece.

Quadruple Coincidence – This will fool you! A spectator freely cuts an unknown number of cards and places them in the box. The remainder of the deck is divided into four piles which are chaotically mixed by the spectators. The cards in the box are counted, and that number matches the top card of each of the four packets! Self-working magic at its best.

Bottom Separation Move – A great utility move which allows you to get a break above any number of cards from the bottom of the deck in preparation for palming, copping or additions.

Napolitan Shuffle – A simple, casual and very deceptive false riffle shuffle.

One-Hand Ascanio Spread – Giancarlo’s work on the Ascanio spread elevates it into something entirely natural, smooth and very deceptive.

Running time: 1hr 50 minutes