Chris Randall LIVE 2 (Penguin LIVE)



This has elements that I could see adopting into my routine and I have done it the same way for 30 years. This is pure gold. My hat is off to you pal. This is the last word on Bill In Lemon.” –Doc Eason

“The Inception is Chris Randall at his best. It’s a solid working routine from a real working magician.” -Shawn Farquhar F.I.S.M Grand Prix winner

What will he teach?

The Minimalist Magician by Chris Randall

Fly-by-night- Chris Randall’s famous handling of the Hummer card. Chris was one of the developers with the Houdini Magic corporation, making it a hit popular trick around the world. He will show you all of his touches like a floating card and floating coin and any light weight objects.

New FISM Opener- Flip stick and balls from mouth. This is a crazy handling of the balls that Chris learned from Vito Lupo and Eric Evans, combining both of their ideas. The opening of the routine is based on Eric Evans and goes into Vito Lupo back in Eric Evans and then back in Vito Lupo. it’s a blend of two famous and wonderful magicians.

Egg bag- The classic egg bag as taught to Chris by Denny Haney and Scott Alexander. Without a doubt the perfect audience participation and trick

Card Manipulation- The best of the best of card manipulation that even lead him to FISM. This is 20 plus years of work on card manipulation.

Ashes- The first trick Chris ever published in Magic Magazine. It is the best handling of the ace assembly ever produced.

Inception- The bill in lemon in a full act mixed with a very visual rope routine. It’s Chris Randall’s signature routine and is a sure fire closer.

Paper Hat Tear- The classic paper hat tear with a really wonderful twist at the end thay will have your audiences laughing like crazy. Yes there is a pickpocketing element to this but can be a closer to a show.

Minimalist Magic- The lecture also focuses on not carrying any props the entire show including our table all fit in a backpack checking all the bags and not paying for shipping anymore yet still delivering a full 90 minutes so they can play on 1000 seat theater stage.

Chris will even speak about his ups and downs in the magic world leading him even to a high end gig in Las Vegas at Bally’s Hotel starring in the residency of Masters of illusion. As well as his journey to FISM, Paris Les Grand Cabret Du Monde 3 IBM wins and more.

Who is he?

Born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada Chris Randall is considered one of the top sleight of hand artists in the world. He has appeared on The Masters of Illusion TV show and is a regular performer at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood. He has been working up and down the Las Vegas Strip for over 20 years.

The last few years Chris has been focusing on traveling the world with his award winning act.

He has also been hitting the streets becoming one of the finest street magicians in the world being hailed by the best in the business as the future of street magic.

His original material has been featured in Magic Magazine, Genii, MUM, The Penumbra and on his DVDs Live at the Castle, Sugar High, Magic at the Bar, Sweet, Heavens Aces, and his critically acclaimed The Inception.