Cash Point by Nick Popa and Tyler Reed (Instant Download)



“Nick has quickly become one of my favorite guys to turn to for fast and visual magic! This bill change effect is so smooth and visual it makes me want to take my clothes off and run around screaming! It’s too good!” – Danny Weiser

“Cash Point gives you CGI level visuals, with a gimmick you can make up in moments” – Josh Janousky

Transpositions are some of the strongest effects you can do in magic. The ability to make two objects change places is direct and easy to understand by any audience in any language. Doing a transposition with money is going to grab your audience’s attention and hold onto it. Nick Popa & Tyler Reed’s Cash Point does that transposition with one bill in their hand and the other visually transforming with no cover and not only grabs their attention; it puts their jaw on the floor.

Here’s what happens:

A magician shows a $1 and $20 bill on both sides before folding them up and openly placing the $20 bill in the audience’s hand. The $1 bill is folded in half and then given a shake out in the open. It visually transforms into the $20. The spectator can immediately open their hand to find the $1 inside, and everything can be examined.

This tutorial is expertly taught by Nick Popa, and you’ll learn exactly how to make the Cash Point Gimmick. This can be performed with $1’s, $20’s, even $100 bills. You’ll also learn a variety of transformations to suit your personal performance style. The best part is that you’ll learn how to end completely clean. Cash point is an easy to perform and insanely visual bill transformation your audience will never forget.