Bridge by Aaron Alexander


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Bridge is a way of building an incredible connection between two people in a matter of seconds.  What the performer decides to do with that connection is up to the his or her imagination.  Some of the applications include:
  • ¤ Creating such a strong connection that a participant’s movements and sensations are in sync with yours.  
  • ¤ Being able to read a participant’s thoughts in real time.
  • ¤ Being able to finish your standard show, step off the stage and then show anyone an authentic magical experience with no preparation or gimmicks.
  • ¤ Creating a moment where two strangers or audience members feel the same feelings or emotions. 
  • ¤ Performing a compelling demonstration of the real principles involved.  
  • ¤ Creating an extremely emotional and visceral revelation to a traditional magic or mentalism routine.
  • ¤ Engaging an audience’s imagination with something genuine to build atmosphere, expectation, or to create a different dynamic of performance and take-home message. 
  • ¤ Applying a powerful convincer for an effect that is accomplished by a different means.  
Bridge is a powerful tool that is sure-fire, impromptu and uses nothing but those people involved.  It can be done by anyone, and looks and feels like real magic.  In fact, explaining to a participant exactly what happened and how will make it seem no less magical— it may become more so.  The e-book includes routines that apply the basic method to create various effects for an audience.

    What others are saying…

“The applications are limitless. Using no props and telling no lies, Bridge is as close to real magic as anything I’ve ever encountered.” -Dr. Bill Cushman (magician, mentalist, psychologist, author of Suggestibilities)
“I’m really taken with, stunned by and inspired by this piece (and the author’s work in general). I haven’t adopted anything this good and valuable in a long, long time…and as I told Aaron, I knew instantly this would be one of those “forever” pieces in my toolkit and arsenal. It’s amazing. “ -Jerome Finley (performer, author of Taboo Treatise and The Velvet Expanse)

“When you see it being performed you can feel a thickness in the air, like something special is happening. The act of it is more than the sum of its parts. Unlike a simple trick, which requires the audience only to watch, Bridge not only invites you, but requires you to participate. It is in this participation, that something is brought to life.” -Ian Pidgeon (Magician/mentalist)

“Brilliant.  The introduction is imaginative and poetic. The Bridge itself can be described as poetry between two people.” -James Luce (Magician/mentalist)
I rolled with Bridge again yesterday strolling before a performance, and it’s hilarious, in under 30 seconds I had this huge tattooed and pierced guy feeling crazy things from 15 feet away. And yet again, another guy was going through the same thing soooo quickly. This is making suggestibility tests and instant inductions look “dial up” slow, and Bridge is working like Google Fiber. -Sean Bott (performer, hypnotist)

“This effect is one of those rare items in which the method and principles employed will act as a seed from which much can be reaped. If you want to create a truly organic experience that is unique and unexpected for the spectator this is it!!! I love the thinking in both the methodology and the execution. The style is unique, bold and fresh for this particular style of performance.” -Gavin O’rourke-Soccorso (Performer, co-author of True Mysteries 2)Bridge is one of the first “Real magick” principles that I can see myself using…. I would have no hesitation recommending this to people who, like me, struggle to find the perfect way to make their performances more ‘real.’” -Steve Young (performer, author of Thought Illusions)
In the trenches (by that I mean aside from just paid shows, I’m talking the difficult dive bars I go to in Columbus as well) and with perfectly random strangers, I have yet to not have a response of anything but utter amazement and connection with my audiences. My final review of this purchase summed up in three words, “Amazingly Under Priced” and in a simple number scale, for me personally, it turns it up to 11/10.  -Jacob Smith  (performer)
“[Bridge] is a different level of magic. [Regarding the instruction] …It’s as if he’s in the room talking to you. Everything is so clear and so precisely explained that you could read the book once and go out and perform it… Beautiful. -Brett Maskill (performer)
I have to say that I am very impressed with this work. Is something that I will use for sure as process for a LOT of things.”  -Luca Volpe (performer, author of Emotional Mentalism)
This is not an effect, but an event. It’s a presentation that will enhance other effects. It is a process that establishes a deep connection between you and the spectator you are performing for. This is extreme thinking that can be used as a way to focus any effect you decide to present. Wonderful and fascinating thinking walks on this Bridge.” -Greg Arce (performer, author of Deep Thought, prolific reviewer)

“I had good expectations for Bridge and holy hell man. Aaron, add another fan to the list.” -John Arcanum (performer)
I’m doing this product a disservice by labelling it as “mentalism”, but I would expect it would sit alone if I created a blog category called “the closest thing to real magic”. If you’re looking to create a “real moment” of awe, connecting with a person on a real deep level, then read on.” -Stephen Shaw (performer, author of