Blindfold Book by Luke Jermay


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In close to every professional performance I have given, I have included a blindfold routine in some form. In this manuscript I have decided to detail many of these routines. I have toiled over which of these routines to use in my own show and have settled with a sequence that I feel is right for me. With this in mind however the routines that are now left unused in my performances all have their strong points and I felt that it would be good to share these sequences.

In mentalism literature from the past we see many, many books on the subject of blindfold material. Almost all however deal with the method the performer uses to gain sight whilst blindfolded. Very little has been written about presenting blindfold material, I think this lack of information has lead to many performers repeating the same mistakes. I know that I wish I could have read a book on blindfold material that detail common presentational mistakes rather than discovering them all the hard way!

I hope this manuscript will fill the void and provide useful and fresh ideas with the blindfold routine.

This is not a manuscript on the how-to of blindfold work as numerous manuscripts already cover the application and methodology of gaining vision while wearing a blindfold.