Bend by Menny Lindenfeld



Metal melts and bends on your command.
Imagine being able to bend and shape metal at will, using only your MIND. With BEND you will learn the fundamentals of metal bending techniques that have been refined and perfected over two decades. With no gimmicks, you will be able to bend forks and spoons with only the power of your mind.

An introductory course in metal bending.
The best part? It is extremely easy to learn and requires very minimal preparation. Menny Lindenfeld has crafted this routine to perfection, making sure you can accomplish these bends at any point during the performance – even while your audience is looking directly at you. Each phase is powerful enough to stand on its own, but when combined together the routine will become an experience your audience will remember forever.

Over one hour of in-depth instruction.
BEND leaves no detail untouched – multiple subtleties and handlings are carefully explained to ensure that you are confident in your performance. This is the definitive starting point and crash course in metal bending.