Bare Mini by The Other Brothers( Video only)


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Our hit trick, “Bare,” is back in a new and improved design. People LOVED “Bare.” It has been featured on television magic specials in eleven countries, yet some magicians voiced a desire to be able to have it with them ALL THE TIME. This is where “Bare Mini” comes in.

Now you’ll have all the features of “Bare,” but in the convenience of two small objects you can keep in your pocket on your keychain.

The effect is the same: you cause a thought-of person’s initials, or a playing card, or a number, or anything…to appear on the spectator’s hand. You pour coffee grinds or sand or salt onto the back of the spectator’s hand and as you rub it in, the lettering appears. “Bare Mini” is completely easy to do and requires no advance preparation with the spectator. The trick leaves no residue or stickiness on the spectator’s hands. It wipes away clean.