As I Do, Not As I Say by Ross Tayler



As I Do, Not As I Say is a book of brand new methods for the classic Do As I Do plot.

No, this is not the same as As I Say, Not As I Do. That’s a different book, also mine, and you should buy it too. But buy this one more. Or, buy them together as a little package bundle – which will get you As I Say, Not As I Do at half price!

This is a book about method. It’s a book about how we do things. It’s a book about how we come up with new methods and new ways to do things. This is what drives magic forward, and it always has been.

As I Do, Not As I Say contains:

– A brief analysis of the importance of method in developing the art of magic

– 11 brand new methods for Do As I Do

– A few presentational suggestions

– My thoughts on how to rework effects to create new and more deceptive methods

– Countless tips and subtleties that will improve all areas of your magic

– Two BONUS methods for the Open Prediction! Completely impromptu, using any deck and no gaffed cards!

This is A-grade, magician fooling material. But there is still something for everyone, and effects range from the self-working to the working-your-socks-off. All however are practical, real-world tested methods, designed for a range of performing situations and environments. I’m certain you’ll find something you enjoy.