A&Q by Mohamed Khaled


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A&Q is an interesting de-construction of the classic Q&A, in which you can predict in advance the participant question!

100% propless, no multiple outs, no gimmicks.

The performer tells the participant about himself as a young boy and asks the participant to think of a simple question regarding the performer’s childhood then the performer asks the participant to use their intuition to answer the question they are thinking of. Both the question and the answer are confirmed to be true. There is nothing written down other than the question, previously written by the performer that remains sight unseen, face down on the table, from the beginning of the performance, which will serve as a kind of prediction.

You will learn:
– Basic A&Q
– The trap principle
– Phasmatic A&Q
– F.A.T equivoque
– Fraser Parker’s thoughts

AND additional ideas by Nico Heinrich, Aidan O’Sullivan and Tom Phoenix!

“The effect is strong, but the care taken on how and why to use it are really what takes this to the next level. In A&Q Mohamed has created a beautiful moment of connection with a participant that goes beyond mere mind reading tricks.” – Aaron Alexander

“A&Q is a powerful, workable routine that every performer should have in their repertoire at all times (Seriously. It’s that good!) If you want to perform powerful Mentalism that leaves moments where your participant is speechless then this ebook is for you. Highly recommended!” – Emma Wooding

“It’s so good that I even tried to buy the rights to it.” – Fraser Parker

“I just purchased this piece, and I love how it blends story, connection, and empathy together. This is the type of meaningful mentalism we need. Thank you, Mohamed Khaled!” – Bauer Western