Anima (Online Instructions) by Fraser Parker


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Gimmick can be made.


Anima by Fraser Parker

Imagine at the beginning of your set being able to instruct your spectator to take out cards relevant to their life such as their date of birth, PIN number, phone unlock code or any other small string of numerical information. Instruct them to focus on each of these cards in turn to help them better focus on the information. You ask them to return each of these cards back to the deck which is then cut and shuffled overhand as many times as the spectator wishes or until the spectator and everyone else watching is satisfied the cards are truly lost in the deck. Yet, you will always be able to obtain this information at any point in your set, even after performing other effects with multiple spectators further shuffling the deck – in between the spectator unknowingly setting the deck and your subsequent glimpse of this information.

NO threads. NO magnets. NO rough and smooth. NO sticky substances and nothing added to the deck. Everything is self-contained within theĀ ANIMA Deck.

Its ingenious secret does all of the work for you.