Andrew Frost (@sleightlyobsessed) – Download Bundle 2020



Andrew Frost (often better known by his Instagram handle, @sleightlyobsessed) is one of the most technically proficient card technicians we know. Consisting of three separate downloads, in this bundle, you will learn a deceptive yet easy False Cut, a Two-Card Transpo that happens impossibly fast (which also contains a difficult, but deceptive reversal), and Andy’s clear step-by-step instruction on the Curry Turnover (along with applications).

Curry Turnover – A move that has captured our imagination is the Curry Turnover. You almost never see it done well, and it’s incredibly useful sleight. We’re delighted to provide a tutorial by technical master Andy Frost with step-by-step instruction on this classic move. The Curry Turnover allows you to apparently turn a tabled card over sideways whilst secretly switching it for the top card of the deck. We realized that this move is NOT taught on video in the sort of detail-oriented approach we specialize in. So we’re delighted that Andy Frost has provided a tutorial that covers every aspect of this classic move in painstaking detail.

Two Card Transpo – A rite of passage for all serious card workers, the simple exchange of two cards while holding a deck is a visual effect that takes just seconds to perform. Andy’s version uses Troy Hooser’s Slip Stream sleight, as well as a new move you’re sure to incorporate into your arsenal.

Table False Cut – Don’t underestimate this lovely, simple cut but its quick trailer. It looks EXACTLY like what it’s supposed to. You cut the cards to table, the top half onto the bottom half. Actually, the simple sleight is accomplished through a marvelous visual illusion and can be mastered within minutes. Andy Frost breaks the sleight down second by second so you can add this cut to your repertoire.