Algol by William Patrick (Instant Download)


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Algol, known as the Demon Star, is awakened when old-school and new-school methods combine. He grants you the ability to name, with 100% accuracy, a spectators freely thought of celebrity and her star-sign. Any evidence of which is safely tucked away in her pocket.

Any star-sign. Any celebrity. A full, mind-blowing routine with bonus tips and ideas.

[*Warning: If you choose to perform Algol be ready to not perform any other routine. People will be approaching you for the rest of the evening with a particular request. You’ve been warned.]

“ALGOL is a worker’s dream and perfect for walk around. The method is basic billet work, very easy to do for a professional/seasoned performer. If you are a beginner though, this might disappoint you – if you are a working mentalist, however, you will love this! I really liked William’s laid-back style of writing, which is very easy to understand and enjoyable to read. You can tell from his script and the many subtleties that he has worked this baby for years. Very clear, detailed instructions (with pictures as well). You basically get a SOLID routine that could work as your act per table at a walk around gig. You could make good money from performing this only – and the audience would be very pleased with what they got. I am really excited to perform this and eager to read more of this man’s material in the future.” Nico Heinrich

“Algol is a very well thought out billet routine with many deceptive psychological ploys to make this a perfect routine for close up, walk around or even stage. The participant can even read YOUR mind. It is similar in nature to NAME AND PLACE by Bob Cassidy but with playful changes and nuances making it Billy’s own. This is definitely going into my walk around set.” Tommy Burnett

“I was fortunate enough to receive a copy and I have to say, William’’s writing style is clear and concise. I read a lot of mentalism and magic material and some can be so difficult to plod through. His concepts are easy to follow as well as sensible. I enjoyed this routine and he inspired me to try some handling that I would normally avoid, Good job, William.” Stephan Sloan