Alakazam Online Magic Academy – Eddie McColl Academy 2nd June 2021



“His methods are ingenious.”

“The best kept secret in Europe.”

Eddie McColl is one of magic’s best kept secrets and in his first Alakazam Academy you are going to see why.

Known for his thoughtful approach, softness of touch with cards and expert handling, Eddie is going to share with you ideas passed to him by master magicians such as Roy Walton and Gordon Bruce and ideas formed over years of analysis in magic.

This Academy includes

The Colour Change Routine – This routine features The Cloud Change, changes by Vernon and Erdnase and as a bonus the Double Erdnase Change.

All in The Cards – A superb handling of the classic stop trick featuring ideas using the lift shuffle including tips and handling by Ed Marlo.

Two card Transpo – One of the strongest effects you can do in magic, simple yet effective. This effect showcases the double lift and variations.

SAS (Short Ambitious Sequence) – Further exploration of the Double Lift including variants such as the Daley instantaneous double and Bob Ostin’s double.

A Case of Mindreading – Read someone’s mind! Featuring a discussion on the peek and Marlo’s bold steal.

Spectator Cuts The Aces – A classic of magic receives the McColl touch. Two methods will be discussed and feature explanations of D’amico’s multiple shift and Marlo’s simple shift, two great utility moves.

Discussion on the Diagonal Palm Shift – Expert tips on this classic sleight including the lesser known method by Arthur Finlay.

Of course the Academy allows you to ask questions of the tutor and this is your chance to gain insight from one of the UK’s best magicians and sleight of hand performers. As well as the effects outlined above ,Eddie will also be passing on knowledge, tips and ideas garnered from years of experience in the company of many of the world’s best magicians.