Air Writer by Bill Dekel & Timon Krause



“For those interested in furthering their skills and knowledge in mentalism Air Writer is a must read and I feel is destined to become a classic in this aspect of our art.” – Neil Somerville“It can be put to so many uses the mind boggles.” – Stephen Young

“The beauty of the technique is that’s its impromptu and propless – these are very valuable attributes.” – Dr. Steve Murray

Imagine asking a spectator to write something in the air, while you honestly close your eyes and do not peek while they are writing it. Yet you still know just what they wrote. With the Air Writer, you can do this and more:

  • Book Tests: Any book, any page, any time. Your spectator writes a few letters in the air and you name their word.
  • Any Word: While you look away, a spectator writes a word in the air, and you instantly know what it is.
  • PIN Number: With the Air Writer you can reveal thought of numbers, and, you guessed it, PIN numbers.
  • Names: Your spectator writes down some names, and then writes a letter in the air, and you know which one they are thinking of.
  • Zodiac Signs: Your spectator writes the first letter of their zodiac sign in the air. You can tell them what it is.
  • Playing Cards: Your spectator writes a number and one letter of any thought of card in the air and you reveal what it is.
  • States: You write a prediction, and place it on the table. Your spectator thinks of a state, and then you open the prediction to show the same state. No double writing, pocket writing, or boons.
  • Any List: Any list of items made by either yourself or a spectator can be used; they write just one or two letters in the air while your eyes are really closed and you tell them what they are thinking of.

This new principle uses none of the following:

  • No Dual Reality
  • No Stooges (Instant or otherwise)
  • No Actual Writing
  • No Thoughts Spoken Aloud
  • No Forcing
  • No Equivoque
  • No Fishing
  • No Preshow (Although it can be used as preshow)
  • No Peeking

1st edition 2011; 36 pages.
word count: 8218 which is equivalent to 32 standard pages of text