Adam Christing LIVE (Penguin LIVE)



“When Adam Christing speaks, I listen! Adam has EXPERIENCE. His lecture at the Magic Castle is one of my all-time favorites ever. He has given paid presentations to several thousand corporate clients. Adam shows you how to deliver “the goods” every time. If you want to succeed in the world of speaking & magic, and if you want to work in the corporate market, Adam Christing is your go-to resource!” -Paul Green, Multiple Award-Winner from the Academy of Magical Arts

“Adam Christing is one of the most highly sought-after corporate performers that I know – period. His unique combination of key-note, comedy and strong material makes him a force that will take your business to higher levels. Look, I never endorse anyone (or anything) unless I mean it: Adam Christing’s new Penguin lecture is a must-see, and I highly recommend it.” -Brett Barry, Working Mentalist and Creator of The SvenPad®

“I don’t know anybody who knows more about combining magic with a message.
If you want to do more Virtual or Live corporate events, this is a must-see Penguin lecture!” –Dana Daniels, Comedy Magician & Stage Magician of the Year, The Magic Castle

“I did 15 paid Zoom magic gigs this month for business clients. How? By following Adam Christing’s advice. Adam has proven tips for successfully mixing speaking and magic. Grab this if you want to get booked as a magician with a message. Opportunities for performers in the corporate market are HUGE. This is the Penguin Lecture pros—and those who want to turn pro—have been waiting for!” -Aaron O’Brien, 21-year old full-time magician and author of Speak Like Magic

“I love magic! But I make a great living as a speaker, author, and consultant. Adam Christing helped me expand my performing opportunities by helping me become a magician who also speaks (and these days I’m known more as a speaker who does magic!). Are you ready to discover how to get paid to share your expertise AND perform magic? This is time-tested wisdom that works. Adam’s tips on creating a killer talk, pleasing meeting planners, creating audience participation (and the use of “accomplices”) are also super-valuable if you want to build a part-time or full-time career in magic. -Mark Matlock, “The Wisdom Hacker” and Author of more than 20 Books

“Adam’s public speaking and magic has it all. When it comes to booking the BIG paying gigs, he not only gets them signed, he actually makes his audience LOVE his presentation. They hire him again and again for repeat business! Why is he teaching everyone these secrets?” -Scott Tokar, Tradeshow Magician and founder of Corporate-Fx.

What will he teach?

  • How you can incorporate your magic into paid public speaking opportunities
  • For the first time ever on camera, Adam will reveal his 5 Keys for Designing & Delivering a Killer Speech
  • He will show you how to engage your audience with low-cost but high-impact Gags and Giveaway items
  • You’ll learn how to create a motivational talk that can make you money.
  • He’ll explain a hilarious bit with a spectator and a shocking chair.
  • Adam will teach his comedy cut & restored watch and vanishing water routine
  • You’ll learn great ways to involve your audience and increase the laughter factor in your presentations.
  • He’ll talk about the secret use of “plants” to enhance your program.
  • He’ll show you his fast-stack for the Invisible Deck 
  • Adam will teach you what event bookers are looking for in a magical message.
  • You’ll discover common mistakes magicians make when it comes to speaking–and how to avoid them.
  • He’ll explain a killer Zoom/Virtual meeting trick you can do–where participants all select the same card.
  • And much more!

Who is he?

Adam Christing has been ranked among the top 5 After-Dinner Speakers in North America
He has given more than 4,000 paid presentations as a speaker, comic magician, and master of ceremonies.
Adam is the author of 3 humor & personal growth books and is the founder of
–an entertainment and speakers bureau. He has been booked in 49 of the 50 U.S. states and has been featured on more than 100 radio & TV shows including Entertainment Tonight, ABC World News, and PBS.