ACAAN Project by Dani DaOrtiz (Episode 01)



The Ritual ACAAN

In lesson 1 of The ACAAN Project Dani Daortiz wastes no time in teaching you a high-impact card at number, audience management, psychology, and so much more. This deep exploration of ACAAN begins with four spectators thoroughly shuffling the deck. One audience member remembers a card. Another spectator names a number. A spectator is allowed to count down to the number and the remembered card is found in the exact position named.

This lesson, over an hour in length, covers audience management, psychology, and a nearly sleight-free method of the Any Card At Any Number Effect. Key takeaways for the student are:

The Ireland Shuffle
Dani’s devastating use of this false shuffle allows him, and now you, to control the exact position of a card while giving the appearance of a thoroughly shuffled deck.

The Ritual ACAAN is such a free and fair shuffle because of the audience management secrets Dani shares with you. Understanding how to estimate your spectator and the psychology of the number will expand the minds of the novice magician, and open new pathways for the experienced practitioner.

Never Touch The Deck
One of the hallmarks of the magic of Dani DaOrtiz is the audience never remembering him ever touching the deck. While magicians know that’s not true, Dani shares with you the construction of the effect and the body language involved in the handling that will make your audience swear you did nothing. These nuances combined with the near sleight free construction of the effect give your audience no way to backtrack the method of the effect.

Lesson One in The ACAAN Project is the perfect entrance into performing this fascinating plot. The construction of the effect is devastatingly simple, and will set you up to learn far more advanced versions later in this series. It’s time to go to school with Dani Daortiz in lesson one of The ACAAN Project