AATT3 – Multiple Paths by Taha Mansour



The Successful Mentalist brings you a Special Guest for the third, ‘All About The Tricks’ live lecture; Taha Mansour. His revolutionary approach to the Multiple Outs plot will change your outlook on all things magic/mentalism!

Join Aidan O’Sullivan and Ashley Green (Founders of ‘The Successful Mentalist’) with a very special guest to celebrate the THIRD LIVE LECTURE of the ‘All About The Tricks’ series.
In this month’s lecture, Taha Mansour will be explaining and dissecting his revolutionary approach to the ‘Multiple Outs’ technique; his Multiple Paths system.

Multiple Outs can often be obvious or confusing when presented in their natural form… UNTIL NOW!

Having seen, experienced and learned this approach themselves, Aidan & Ashley just KNEW that this had to be shared with the community on a wider scale and they will be taking the back-seats as Taha shares this incredible approach.

What Will You Learn?

In this lecture you will learn Taha’s complete Multiple Paths system as well as two hard-hitting effects that utilise this concept:

Effect #1 – The Paper Balls

A simple academic exercise that gives a basic, practical example to the Multiple Paths approach. This is simple, direct and magician-fooling.

Effect #2 – 2 as 1

Taha’s take on the ‘One Card’ plot with a ‘Spectator As Mind Reader’ premise.

Two cards are placed onto the table, one to represent the value, the other to represent the suit. The spectator is asked to name a card and the performer/ spectator immediately turns over the cards that have been in full view to reveal that the participant has successfully divined the playing card with complete accuracy.

Does this sound like traditional multiple outs to you?…