AATT1 – The Hand Stick by Ashley Green



Have you ever wanted to be able to hypnotically stick participants hands to the table?

If so, this is the lecture for you!

Join Aidan O’Sullivan and Ashley Green (Founders of ‘The Successful Mentalist’) as they break-down Ashley’s full approach to using hypnosis in order to stick people’s hands to objects and surfaces alike.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or an experienced hypnosis pro, this lecture will be full of content that will take you from Zero to Hero and get you confidently sticking hands in the real world and even ONLINE!

We guarantee that after you have watched this lecture, you will be able to confidently and successfully perform ANY form of hypnosis, without any fear of failure.

“I think you’ve given Anthony Jacquin a run for his money”– Riener Gracias

“This is glorious. Thank you for this. It’s the real work by a real worker. Priceless.” – Todd Robbins

“Wow, thanks so much, Ashley! I’m so incredibly impressed on your hand stick routine. It’s worked every time!” – Gabe Abelson

“If I got placed in a rocket, sent to Mars, and I would be allowed to bring only one lecture with me, THIS WOULD BE IT! I can not say it enough, the Hand Stick lecture is something that I believe should be a MUST HAVE for all mentalists & even magicians. Fantastic product, I can not wait to see what you guys come up with next!” – Jose Sandino

You will learn Ashley’s complete approach to hypnosis and sharing his methods, routining, theory and psychology behind each stage of his ‘Hand Stick’ and ‘Hypno-Choke’ routine.

Because this was our first live lecture in our All About The Tricks monthly lecture series, you will receive:

  • 45 Minute LIVE Lecture (Zoom Recording)
  • LIVE Q&A Recording (Zoom Recording)
  • Pre-Recorded Hand Stick Lecture (Independent Recording)
  • Live and Virtual Performance Footage
  • ‘The Hand Stick’ Lecture Notes
  • Live Q&A Timestamp List
  • Access to our ‘All About The Tricks’ Facebook Community

(That’s over 3 hours of video content PLUS more!)

Are you ready to master the art of hypnosis?