Aaron Alexander – POWA Live Lecture In Vancouver – The Ant Queen



When I first heard rumors about Aaron’s work, I had to look into it for myself. At first glance such demonstrations seemed like pipe dreams. But as I found out, for those performers brave enough to dive in, the rewards are truly breathtaking.
I’ve been studying methods in mentalism and hypnosis as well as esoteric and mystical writings for many years now and pride myself on being well versed in both arenas. Aaron’s work is fresh and workable, and yet it retains a sense of something arcane. His writing style is so unique that it sucks the reader into a world hidden behind the mundane. Having corresponded with Aaron for some time now, I can assure you that he is someone who is able to demonstrate every method he teaches and every claim he makes, in any situation. Indeed, since learning and rehearsing some of Aaron’s methods, I’ve been successfully pulling, pushing and connecting with people in ways I had never thought possible.
The Ant Queen is in some ways like Aaron’s other work, and in some ways completely different. Here Aaron has taken something that many people are familiar with, and used it to further push the envelope of possibility. The demonstration in this book allows performers to show an audience a genuine experience of magic that could be used before, after or combined with what they already use. I’m currently using “Happiness” in the context of a mentalism routine wherein I reveal a spectator’s thought of memory. Not only does the “Happiness” routine provide a beautiful logical disconnect (thanks Uncle Bob) and distraction from my method, but it also leaves the spectator with a unique and positive experience which they will cherish for many years.

To quote my good friend Doc Shiels—“put away your gimmicks and gizmos—they are toys for boys.” Get out and use this phenomenal material. And most importantly, don’t be frightened to fail. The results are hair-raising.
Keith Barry