5 Controls By sleightlyobsessed



5 Controls are broken down with each one taught in detail including the subtleties and nuances that I use to make them as deceptive and fair as possible. In my opinion, the most valuable aspect of the project is that for every control there is also a discussion between myself and Ross Tayler about how to use the control in the real world.


Ruff Shuff – A chaotic control where after the selection is made the cards are shuffled and placed onto the table in small blocks. Currently my go to control.

The D’Amico Control – A control that utilises the D’Amico Change. Particularly useful for tricky spectators.

Bedwell Dribble Drop Control – A minor variation on the original Steve Bedwell Control that makes a huge difference. A really burnable control that appears as through their selection is dropped right into the middle of a dribble.

Clip Slip – My go to “magician fooler” card control. The move looks as though you place the card into the centre and then without any extraneous movements the card appears on the top.

Steranko/ Cardini Control – The cards are dribbled from hand to hand and the spectator is instructed to say stop. The card they stop on is shown and then the rest of the cards dribbled on top, however in this action the card is controlled to the top.