+13 Acaan by Joep van Pamelen (Instant Download)



This trick is an acaan effect with a normal deck of cards. At the end of the trick everything can be examined, and there is nothing you have to hide. This isn’t even just a trick, This is a hole routine!

The spectator choose a card, and put it back in de deck. Now the spectator cuts the cards. The magician makes 2 predictions, But they are not the chosen card. The hole time there was a prediction envelope on the table, It says +13. You count the 2 prediction cards together and add 13. Now you get the number 23, and on that position is the card they have chosen!

Watch the demo for the full performance, what you see is what you get!

Practical things:
no gimmicks
a little sleight of hand
everything can be examined
No force!
no card control when the card go back into the deck

By, Joep van Pamelen